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Sony: PlayStation 4 Core Fixed Games

TOKYO - Since announced in February 2013, news about the PlayStation 4 (PS4) never faded. Despite carrying a number of new features such as social networking, but Sony confirmed that the game remains the core of the latest gaming consoles.

Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worlwide Studios, Michael Denny, said that the focus of the PlayStation 4 related to the game, regardless of its social features.

"It (PlayStation 4) is still a console made ​​for the game, with the game being the point. I think that's what we learned from all of our platforms and launch systems that we developed," said Denny, as reported by Softpedia, Tuesday (12 / 3/2013).

Sony believes that gamers need a device that is dedicated to their own, and comes with features not offered by the PC. But at the same time, Sony wanted to make sure that players do not need to move to another device for communication needs.

Statement Denny were similar to those expressed by the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer America Jack Tretton, the PlayStation 4 focus on the interests of gamers. Tretton confirmed that the new device will focus on providing a lot of processing power and a great gaming experience.

In addition to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 also became the first Sony console that includes the integration of Facebook and has a special share buttons.

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WeChat So Chatting Application "No. Wahid" in Indonesia

JAKARTA - WeChat, social communication service for smartphones, today announced its success in conquering the number one position among the other free apps available on the app platform, Google Play Store and the App Store.
Last week, WeChat officially launched in television commercials, announced that its joint venture with Indonesia's MNC for. Soon after the ad aired, WeChat downloaded 30 times more than before.
Not only that, within one week after the announcement of the joint venture WeChat managed to occupy the top spot on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store Indonesia as well.
Through information received Okezone, Sunday (03/10/2013), Managing Director of MNC Tencent, WeChat Operation, Vincent Wang expressed his happiness over the success of this. "We are very proud to see WeChat reached the number 1 position on the App Store and Play Store," said Vincent Wang.
"It shows the magnitude response of Indonesia to our products. Tencent is aiming to provide the best means of communication quality with superior features, and success is increasingly spurred us to provide a better experience for our loyal users in Indonesia."
It can be used on iOS and Android, has recently also launched a version WeChat application for BlackBerry, which has soared to the number 2 position among other applications on the BlackBerry Application World. WeChat major features available on other platforms, such as 'Push to Talk', 'Moments', and a wide range of emoticons can also be enjoyed on the BlackBerry.
"Today 300 million people worldwide have registered as users WeChat. We believe that the popularity of these applications in Indonensia will bring a lot of new users. In order to enhance the experience of using the application, we have prepared special updates, "said Vice President of Tencent, International Business, Poshu Yeung.
Yeung believes Indonesia will be one of the countries most first know that in the near future we will release it to the market.
More recently, Tencent also obtained worldwide recognition as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2013 based on a list published by Fast Company, a leading business media brand in the world, with a special note that highlight its innovations in technology, ethonomics (economic ethical), leadership, and as well as design.
The list also contained the names of the companies judged to have produce
d the greatest impact on the industry as well as its overall performance. (Amr)

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Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

This is Leaked Latest Features Galaxy SIV

JAKARTA - Times Square in New York, United States (U.S.) began to be enlivened with the launch of the Galaxy SIV billboards. Ahead of its debut at the upcoming March 14, one of the successor to the Galaxy SIII excellent features that unfold.

Reporting from SamMobile, Sunday (03/10/2013), one of the sources said, the Galaxy SIV will use a new type of AMOLED display called 'green PHOLED'. The screen is claimed to consume energy more efficiently.

The source also said that this new screen Galaxy SIV has an efficiency of 25 percent of the battery power usage.

Meanwhile, some time ago, SamMobile also revealed two features that promoted new smartphone made ​​by Samsung. Through the screenshots, Galaxy SIV informed two new features that embed, and Smart Control Smart Pause feature that accompanied earlier, Smart and Stay Smart Rotation.

Galaxy SIV reportedly brings full HD touch screen Super AMOLED screen, 13 megapixel main camera, three storage models, 16GB/32GB/64GB, 2GB RAM, and runs on the Android operating system 4.2 Jelly Bean. (FMH)

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Indosat and Qualcomm 3G UMTS Establish Cooperation in Indonesia

JAKARTA - Indosat formed a partnership with Qualcomm to accelerate the adoption of 3G (2G customer migration) and smartphones in Indonesia. In this partnership, Qualcomm will present the latest 3G devices, including smartphones, tablets and USB internet dongle that can be operated with both 3G networks and 3G 900.
900 MHz 3G Telecommunication Networks utilizing the latest technology that is Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), which allows the implementation of 3G in the 900 MHz frequency. This partnership commits Indosat to continue building and developing network infrastructure to provide ease and convenience for the customer to communicate.
"This collaboration with Qualcomm is part of our effort to realize one of our strategies in 2013 is to give the best experience to our customers and become the operator of choice for users of smartphones or smart device. We hope the company will always be the first choice for customers around the information and communication needs, "said Indosat President Director & CEO Alexander Rusli through information received Okezone, Sunday (10/03/2013).
Cooperation Indosat and Qualcomm will be in the form & Smartphone Data Package that will be a special bundling package with full benefits, fast connections, unlimited access, exclusive content, and of course affordable prices. This cooperation will also be supported by local and international partners in the provision of handsets that can support technology U900.
"Qualcomm is very pleased to partner with Indosat to accelerate the adoption of 3G in the country. Indonesia is a potential market of wireless technology. We are confident that this partnership will provide a positive impact on the development of mobile technology in the country, "said president of Qualcomm Southeast Asia & Pacific John Stefanac.
Previous Indosat has also launched a variety of programs such bundling Double Impact Matrix in collaboration with Intertec and Huawei, Indosat Mentari bundling Acer Iconia A101, Indosat IM3 bundling Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, and the latest is FREE BlinkFe
eed Update Indosat which is a collaboration with HTC. (FMH)

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phone worth 258 million

JAKARTA, - Since the escape from the hands of Nokia, Vertu, manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, can be more flexible for the operating system problems. If at that Vertu should use the Symbian operating system, this time a British manufacturer of luxury mobile phones can be more free in choosing.

Of the many existing mobile operations, currently, Vertu has dropped the option to Android. Vertu Why not choose other mobile operating systems, such as Windows Phone or iOS?

To the question, Richard Yong, Managing Director of Vertu for the Southeast Asia and Pacific meengatakan, the magnitude of the current Android market has made the company falls in love for this operating system.

The Android operating system captured nearly 60 percent of global market share. As for the Windows Phone, though looks promising, only to master the 5 percent market share. Vertu was not possible to adopt iOS because these products can only be used on Apple devices.

In addition, Richard explains, using Android, the design team capable of doing a variety of suit Vertu screen customization. Customization screen, it can not be done on other operating system products.

Richard was revealed, until now, Vertu has not had a desire to look at other operating systems other than Android.

Housed in Vin + Arcadia Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (07/03/2013), Vertu releases its first Android-based phone, Vertu Ti. A device that is equipped with a variety of luxury components in the body, such as a sapphire crystal screen and also for titanium body.

Ti product was priced at a very premium in Indonesia. Most standard products sold at Rp 119 million, while the more expensive, versions of gold, has a price of Rp 258 million.

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Senin, 21 Februari 2011

YouTube Full Video Threatening

TORONTO - Canadian Psychologist Stephen Lewis claims that if he found manyvideos featuring a variety of methods to hurt themselves on YouTube.
In his observations, Lewis found so many videos that display images or scenes ofpeople injured arm or leg (cutting) they use a razor or other sharp objects.
Not only that. Lewis also revealed that there are many videos that show self-mutilationacts as something glamorous. They even encourage other users to do so.
Meanwhile, other videos featuring music and images that could encourage youngusers to perform similar actions.
Lewis claims, he found more than 5,000 videos on YouTube featuring the scenecutting. He is also the focus of study 100 video and analyzing observations in theonline version Monday in Pediatrics.
One hundred video was known to have witnessed more than two million times andhas a lot of comments online. Similarly, as reported by the Straits Times on Monday(2/21/2011).

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